• The Citadel Stage is a Black Box Theatre in Downtown Port Huron, MI. The versatile space is available for concerts, plays, receptions and more!

  • Reveries of Oz is an original script with all your favorite Oz characters. It is a comedy/drama great for all ages!

  • Click here to learn more about Enter Stage Right: the company behind The Citadel Stage!

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Welcome to the Citadel Stage

The Citadel, a renewed pillar of Port Huron's Downtown will bring entertainment, education, and enrichment for our area residents and visitors alike.  As Sanctum Contracting restores the beautiful and historic Citadel building, the Citadel Stage will bring life back to the original Salvation Army gym, once an essential part of our town. In the spirit of this space’s original goal, it will be used in a variety of ways.  During the day, community, youth, and education based programs may call the Citadel home.  By night the stage can help charge the downtown atmosphere with the lively experience brought by the performing arts. Regina Spain, Executive Director of Enter Stage Right says, “The Citadel Stage will offer new possibilities for community, youth, and educational programs. Our goal for the Citadel Stage is to collaborate with the other local venues, artists and organizations to ensure downtown Port Huron as an entertainment destination for residents and travelers alike.”